Reishi Antlers
Reishi Antlers

Reishi Antlers

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Reishi is an edible medicinal mushroom known as “Ling Zhi” in China and “Reishi" or "Manetake” in Japan.

Although Reishi is classified as an edible mushrooms, they are very hard and bitter. Reishi is best used for medicinal teas or tinctures. They can be extracted in hot water (like tea or soup) or with a dual extraction of alcohol and water. 

Reishi in the wild often takes the shape of a shell. Our Reishi is grown indoors in a controlled environment which gives it the signature antler shape. It is the same strain as the Reishi you see in the wild with all the same benefits and they are clean and ready to be used. 

Reishi grown sustainably in Maryland, USA.