Fresh Blue Oyster Box

Fresh Blue Oyster Box

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Taste and Texture: Soft chewy texture with a mild, nutty, seafood-like flavor. Hint of anise aroma. Like pink oysters, blue oysters are great as a chicken or steak replacement and have a softer bite than the pink oyster which makes it perfect for a
tender “meat” texture.

Specialty Mushrooms each have a unique taste and texture. Mushroom lovers will rejoice at these culinary beauties and the mushroom adverse will think twice when they taste how different they are from the more common button and portobello mushrooms. They are versatile in taste and texture and the sky is the limit for how you can incorporate these mushrooms into any dish.

Mushrooms are some the only “plant-based” sources of Vitamin D. Mushrooms grown by The Garden International are exposed to light within their controlled environment that promotes the highest level of Vitamin D.

They are also a good source of:

• Protein • Fiber • Iron • Potassium • Phosphorus • Selenium
• Calcium • Folic Acid • Vitamins C, D, B1, B3, B5, B12 • Hericenones • Erinacines

Storage: To maintain the moisture content, taste and texture, specialty mushrooms should be refrigerated in breathable paper/cardboard with holes that allow for an exchange of CO2 and air.

Life: Best if used within 5 – 7 days

Important Note: Mushrooms should also be cooked which breaks down a compound called chitin and allows nutrients to be absorbed when eaten. If mushrooms are left in the refrigerator too long, they may release spores which look like a white powder. The spores are not dangerous in small amounts, but they can be a respiratory irritant for some. We recommend storing your mushrooms inside of their box from The Garden International to protect other produce from spores.